Jackson Trash Metal

August 20, 2008

Jenis-jenis Gitar Metal

Filed under: Gitar — lexso @ 1:56 pm

JS1 Dinky™
JS20 Dinky™
JS30DK Dinky™
MG Series
JS30DKT Dinky™ Hardtail
Pro Pack (Featuring JS30DKT)
MG Series DKMG Dinky™
Pro Series
MG Series DKMGT Dinky™
MG Series DXMG Dinky™
Pro Series DK2 Dinky™
Pro Series DK2L Dinky™ Left Hand
Pro Series DK2M Dinky™
Pro Series DK2S Dinky™
Pro Series Artist Signatu…
Pro Series DK2T Dinky™
Christian Olde Wolbers Signature 6-String Dinky™ Arch Top
Christian Olde Wolbers Signature 7-String Dinky™ Arch Top

DK1 Dinky™
X Series DX10D Dinky™
JS30KE Kelly™
Pro Series
Pro Series KE3 Kelly™
KE2 Kelly™
JS30KV King V™
Pro Series Artist Signatu…
Demmelition King V
KV2 King V™
KV2T King V™
USA Artist Signature Seri…
X Series KVX10 King V™
Mark Morton Dominion™
PC1 Phil Collen
JS30RR Rhoads™
Pro Series RR24 Rhoads™
Pro Series RR24M Rhoads™

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